Wholesale Argan Oil

Wholesale, supplier and bulk trade of 100% pure organic, certified Argan Oil.


Argan Europe is supplier and wholesaler of 100% pure biological Argan oil established in The Netherlands.

We seek to establish a long-term and pleasant relationship with our customers. As a true wholesaler we are strictly business to business. We believe in providing both excellent products as well as excellent customer service.

We import this rare oil directly from Morocco from local farmers so we can guarantee your oil is always 100% pure and biological. Argan Oil has been an integral part of our family for generations.

Our Berber family history and our deep connection with the cultivation and the production of this amazing, anti-aging healing oil, our establishment and partnership with our farmers in our native country Morocco made it possible to bring to you first cold pressed, premium high quality, natural organic 100% pure Argan Oil and pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

Why Argan Europe

  • Argan Europe oils are certified organic by Eco-cert;
  • all our production units have their own Ecocert certificate;
  • strict process control;
  • continue quality control;
  • all orders are 100% traceable from the tree till the oil in your order;
  • we are producer, exporter and wholesaler of organic pure Argan oil and many other certified organic products;
  • our price/quality is the best in the market.
  • we supply our products through whole Europe.

Our Mission

It is our goal, to become the leading supplier of organic Argan oil in Europe. We promise to bring you the highest quality Certified Organic Argan Oil, 100% pure and cold pressed. We are committed to Fair Trade practices by also helping to create a sustainable livelihood for the peoples who harvest our Argan.

We are able to supply both the small niche manufacture, to a large scale plant. Argan Europe is a family business, one which has become intricately woven with the Native Moroccan Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Since 2012 we have worked with many from Morocco’s villages, to bring to you the highest quality Argan oil available in the region.

It is very simple; we are passionate about one thing, Argan Oil. Whether, you are an ingredient supplier, or manufacturer, let us share with you our superior products.

The Argan tree (Argania Spinosa)

The Argan tree is grows only in the southwest of Morocco. It is one of the oldest types of trees in the world, having grown in Morocco for over 80 million years. The Argan forest includes about 800.000 ha and has been under protection of UNESCO since 1998.

In the recent past as the industrialization of Argan oil was taking place and the huge interest of the cosmetics industry began to grow, the value of Argan almonds increased exponentially.

Despite more and more traders and traditional producers trying to satisfy this rapidly growing demand, the steady growth of the market resulted in increased prices. In a very short time, the cost of the primary resource (the Argan almonds) for the production of argan oil, reached astronomical heights, with the price multiplying by a factor of 7 to 8. Then the term “the liquid gold of Morocco” was born.

The Moroccan government realized that the industrialization of this precious resource meant increased employment and income for the local population. The UCFA (Union des Coopératives des Femmes de l’Arganier) was then created. Now, the export of Argan almonds is forbidden, both to protect the local market and to stimulate its development.

Quality Control

Our oils are systematically analysed, from production to exportation.

A copy of the physical and chemical analysis report, performed by an independent laboratory, will be provided for export control with each delivery.